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Old 27th December 2016, 19:19
Tigger1 Tigger1 est déconnecté
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Driving back home they played DLTSGDOM

I cried, these lyricks are spot on for me, he has been a light for me more than 32 years

I can't light no more of your darkness
All my pictures seem to fade to black and white
Old 27th December 2016, 19:27
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lhuylar lhuylar est déconnecté
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Default Heaven gained an angle

Devastated beyond words. He touched my heart like no other music performer ever has or will ever.

Only thing that comforts me is that he is now with his mum in heaven and does not have to endure the endless torment his life has been for him with depression, drugs and the pressure to be.....

If you get a chance in Heaven to meet people who have influenced your life, He is one that I will SEEK for. Thank you George for the influence you have been in my life. Your music got me through some good times and through some tough. May you find PEACE now in your life in the hereafter.
Old 27th December 2016, 19:50
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JennyS JennyS est déconnecté
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Heartbroken, it hurts so much.
RIP My gorgeous George, You Have Been Loved. xxx

Be good to yourself 'cause nobody else has the power to make you happy.
George Michael
Old 27th December 2016, 19:59
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bcathrin bcathrin est déconnecté
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I'm still in shock, and cannot stop my tears , it is like nightmare
If You Are The Desert..I'll be the sea...If You Ever Hunger - Hunger For Me
Whatever You Ask For ....That's what i'll be
Old 27th December 2016, 20:04
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bcathrin bcathrin est déconnecté
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When i back from my work yesterday afternoon around 04:30pm, my son told me while i'm having my launch that George passed away, i was in completely in shock and i told him don't joking with me like this, and he assured me that this is true, i left my launch immediately and went through the news and start tearing and cannot stop till nowwww
Old 27th December 2016, 20:11
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bcathrin bcathrin est déconnecté
George my Love
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Originally Posted by EmilyPost View Post
It's very sad....2016 has been a bad year in so many ways.
I agree with you strongly 2016 have been a bad year in so many ways
Old 27th December 2016, 20:49
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tapari tapari est déconnecté
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Very sad... speechless...
Rest in peace George.
Old 27th December 2016, 22:07
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GeorgeWham GeorgeWham est déconnecté
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Rest in peace my angel <3 I'll never forget finding your music for the first time, that feeling...finding this forum way back in 06...making so many friends and bonding over our mutual love for you. You'll live forever in our hearts <3
tell me why am i so blue...

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Old 27th December 2016, 22:36
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War War est déconnecté
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I was struggling what to write for so long but I still don't know. It sounds so unreal. I have mixed feelings, I'm sad and angry and I guess kind of lost too at the same time. I need time to handle this.
Rest in peace George!
Old 27th December 2016, 23:10
LeftZero LeftZero est déconnecté
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Esto es una puta mierda...
Worst Christmas of my life. Period.
Rest in Peace man. You are going to perform amazing duos up there
Old 28th December 2016, 00:32
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krismi krismi est déconnecté
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Believe me or not, but I had bad feelings about George few days before Christmas... This is the fourth news that devastated me this year: Bowie, Prince, my beloved Grandma, and George.
Christmas won't never be the same...

RIP George, you have found peace of mind.

Forever in my heart
Old 28th December 2016, 00:53
suzanne.weston@bluey suzanne.weston@bluey est déconnecté
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Default incredibly sad

I was in Vienna when I read that George had died. It is so incredibly sad that he was taken away too early in life.
He brings happiness to many whose lives have been influenced by his music. He seemed a very kind and generous man whose life was plagued with death and trauma. He can rest in peace now.

His mother is waiting for him.
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Old 28th December 2016, 01:00
wham00 wham00 est déconnecté
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the last days been very sad im heartbroken its like something has died in me i will never forget him his songs the way he was our hero
Old 28th December 2016, 01:10
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older1973 older1973 est déconnecté
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R.l.P George
l love you forever
Old 28th December 2016, 01:23
stephenswan stephenswan est déconnecté
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Such a great loss to us fans, his family, friends and music but he leaves behind great memories, for those lucky enough to see the man live, buy an album or single and hear him on the radio. I think it's fair to say he's soundtracked our lives in many ways and we've all loved and lost to his music and related to it in ways he intended.

Earths been going for millions of years and we were blessed to walk it at the same time as George.

Thanks for the music George, and may you rest in peace.
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Georgiesgirl (4th January 2017)
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