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Old 18th February 2017, 00:00
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Originally Posted by jeffmo789 View Post
You don't think he was a tragic figure? Boy I sure do. That shot of him climbing the stage to get a Grammy in the late 80s, his whole life and career ahead of him, just about to peak as an artist......

I can't help but think "unfilled potential" and that to me is tragic.
Yes, a tragic figure indeed.
All the reasons why his potential wasn't fully realized are what's more tragic to me.
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I don't think so. He had an amazing life but made a few poor decisions and died tragically early. That's doesn't make him tragic though.
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Originally Posted by Mr.Michaels View Post
For example The Bee Gees "tribute" was like one of those boring Idols sing-along group things. Barry Gibb looked very impressed after Adele's performance and wouldn't surprise me if he was thinking "yes, that's a TRIBUTE".
I also like the Bee Gees and found "the tribute" extremely bad, poor Barry Gibb (the last surviving Gibb-brother) but at least he is still alive and here with us - which made me think how proud George would have been of the Adele tribute, not to mention all the tributes from all the fans everywhere - he was SO loved.

Also very nice words from James Corden as introduction to Adele and I'm so glad it was Adele alone that made the tribute, Beyonce was as always just "too overwhelming" (imo), Rhianna did't perform, but never mind.
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Old 21st February 2017, 02:42
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Oh, but I loved it! aw . Adele, just voice and feeling, so authentic and natural. Very very satisfied with it, the arrangement the performance, just all!!

And very right, I think, that she was chosen to do it!!!! She is just such a sweet and strong woman at the same time! I was never so quite a fan of hers before, but I really really liked it of hers!!!

THANKS, ADELE, VERY VERY MUCH!!! very beautiful!
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