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Old 7th January 2017, 14:16
paolo73 paolo73 est déconnecté
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Default The last album

Former manager of George has listened to some songs on the album that George's working on, songs on Faith style, so I imagine very beautiful. Do you have some concrete informations that the album will be or not will be published posthumously by Sony? It would be the best artistic legacy of George to his fans. I'm waiting for it from many years, as you all i think.
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Old 3rd February 2017, 03:44
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xyladecor xyladecor est déconnecté
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Forget it. Why George should had have the plan to release a FAITH style album wich hitted the music style of the mid 80s in 2016 or 2017? That makes aboslutely no sense, George was growing up in his music style & he never did things from "yesterday" on new recordings.

Anyway i am sure there will nothing new material come out, as George didnt do much the last 4 or more years. He had totally differnt problems than recording and releasing new material. Forget all the people who come out now who worked with him, yes of course....

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Old 3rd February 2017, 04:25
qp65 qp65 est actuellement connecté
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His former manager said that the songs he heard are upbeat and could have been on Faith, which do not mean that they are in the 80s style. I suspect that they are in house-style, upbeat music (similar to White Light). The album was supposed to be released in 2015, but was not probably because of his health issues. Before Gorge passed away, Naughty boy mentioned that George would have an album released in 2017 (I do not think he meant LWP re-release). We have to wait and see.
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neko011 (3rd February 2017)
Old 3rd February 2017, 12:32
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KojiTaku KojiTaku est déconnecté
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there were links to this topic in the "What really happened" thread.

Originally Posted by xyladecor View Post
music style of the mid 80s in 2016 or 2017?
sorry, but look into the music business and you can see many artist who bring the 70's and 80's back in the ears...
I know some teenagers who like wham and abba!
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neko011 (3rd February 2017)
Old 6th February 2017, 23:31
blink blink est déconnecté
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Agree. The songs and the album are going to be very Faith like but with house and electronic elements. Club music, dance hits. Not my kind of stuff, but I think those are going to be good.

Since the True Faith and White light he was much into those influences. I had the chance to reach some leaks in this regard - it sounds nice, but still, I will ever like better his more lyric and "directly from the Cancerian heart" lyrics and songs...
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Old 7th February 2017, 11:35
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pas1974 pas1974 est actuellement connecté
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Faith-like was meant as catchy tunes that get you directly, as opposed to other songs where you have to listen a couple of times to get into it.
It wasn't meant in terms of sound.
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neko011 (7th February 2017)
Old 7th February 2017, 11:46
Crazyman.Dance. Crazyman.Dance. est déconnecté
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When the album comes out, I hope it will not be anything like Xscape of Michael Jackson.
I want to hear the original George, even if this would be a demo. Any "cotton wool" from producers.
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neko011 (7th February 2017)
Old 1st March 2017, 14:26
piotrowicz piotrowicz est déconnecté
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Post george music 3 new albums

no news is good news
the only news that we know of is george have a freedom doco coming out in march 2017
different days in different part of the world on tv or DVD
speaking of new music last romours i have read on interent/heard george have 3 new albums coming out sometime in 2017/18
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