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Old 11th January 2017, 12:45
JBeach JBeach est déconnecté
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Thinkerg Grieving Fans Living in the USA

Hello, I am from San Francisco California, USA and I know there are many other American fans who are also grieving over GM's death.Like most everyone here, GM's music spoke to me both in good times and bad. I adored this man since the earliest Wham days. I loved the man's many differnt looks and styles when he was young and as an older guy he was still alluring. I am so very moved and entertained by his vocals. I have been very impressed with the intelligent discussion on this forum and I find myself a bit comforted in knowing I am not the only one who is trying to sort out and make peace with this man's passing.
Just a few other comments:

About Fadi
We know absolutely nothing about the details and realities of George's relationship with Fadi and it's none of our business. George would be really upset about everyone trashing Fadi. None of us were born yesterday and you can just look at George and look at Fadi to understand what they saw in each other. For George Fadi was the porn stud boy toy-big, super manly and hairy and strong-and capable of being almost like a body guard to George. But other than the obvious, we know nothing else.

About George's DeathIf it is true that they are holding up releasing the body to the family until the inquest report is final, I feel so sorry. I don't understand UK law, but why are the officials still holding the body? Greek Orthodox are like so many other religions, burial is to be prompt. The autopsy being inconclusive means it could not have been "heart failure" since heart failure shows up physically in the body. I hope one of our Brit friends here can tell us in the US why they don't announce the cause of death and let his family lay him to rest? Or under UK law is the cause of death kept sealed/private?

Disgusting talk about his appearence before death[/list]Who among us over the age of 30 have been able to keep the same figure/physique appearance we once had in youth? Fact of the matter is as one ages one easily gains weight, males go bald, and everything droops and you just don't glow like in youth. Instead, your beauty changes into a mellowness that is more relaxed. All George had to do is open his mouth and he was sexy-no matter his weight.
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Old 11th January 2017, 15:03
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Vickio Vickio est déconnecté
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I've been a long time fan of George and a long time member of this site but haven't posted for a long time; just busy getting on with my life, but still adoring George and hoping to see him again one day. His death has completely floored me. I know I'm not the only one so had to come here among like-minded people as I don't feel the people around me quite understand. The word devastated doesn't quite cover how I feel right now or how I think I will always feel such a sense of immense loss.

I agree with your three points above; but hope I can clarify the situation re George's funeral or his body being released to his family. Here in the UK a first post-mortem is carried out for cause of death; but this would only show up certain, fairly obvious (ish) things. A further postmortem is much more indepth and toxicology reports will be made from that which take a very long time as scientists need to look at them. It is only when the relevant authorities are happy that they have all they need to find out what happened that they will release him to his family; it is heartbreaking but in many cases necessary.

I'm currently watching his Live in London dvd and weeping at regular intervals; I just can't believe he's gone. He was a beautiful soul with a beautiful voice and I loved his sense of humour.

Love you George, always xxx
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Old 12th January 2017, 01:35
cancun18 cancun18 est déconnecté
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I am devastated over George's passing too. I had heard he had issues in the news but that did not change my love for him & his music. This has been really sad for me, as though I have lost someone I knew personally & was very close to. It makes me very sad that he was hurting inside for so many years which manifested in the drug issues. Nevertheless, I love him & I wish he were still here. But God had other plans, as much as we may feel hurt.
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Old 12th January 2017, 07:31
Lisbeth Lisbeth est déconnecté
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I too am grieving via this forum. So grateful I found it. I grew up in Europe, having been a GM fan since the early Wham days. Moved to the US for professional reasons in 1996 and continued to be a fan of GM. Despite of all the media exposure etc. he never failed to keep a very special place in my heart. It is as if he speaks/sings to us personally and that is what has kept me loving him after so many years. He was a very special person. A gentle soul and an INCREDIBLE artist with a gift of a voice. I miss him and feel almost guilty that I sort of "forgot" about him throughout his last few years of silence.

I do not know any Americans personally who even get me right now! This is what is so bizarre to me.

Thank you for starting this thread JBeach!
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Old 12th January 2017, 23:03
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msgm2 msgm2 est déconnecté
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Every time I see his picture on a magazine, I feel a little pin prick in my heart. I bought a copy of the People magazine, but have not read it yet. I remember a sad but funny incident a couple of days after his death. My husband was playing the Playstation online, I guess with other players because I could hear the other people talking and swearing when they were losing or getting shot. So I hear my husband say "did you guys hear about George Michael?" Others replied, "oh yeah man, I Heard". My husband says I think we should have a moment of silence in his honor, Dude was a great singer. ( reminding you he is not really a fan, but a fan by association). Some guy said "are you f**cking crazy; we getting our ass kicked on this game and you want silence right now? My husband: yeah, that's right, out of respect for him dude. The other guy: dude you act like you and him were BFF's, I bet you don't know one song that guy made. My husband: as a matter of fact, I went to his concert a few years back with my wife and he was really good dude. The other guy: F**ck GM, can you get your head back in the game cause we're getting our asses handed to us? Lol. My husband: that's it god dammit! Nobody is gonna disrespect George Michael today and I have to sit and listen to it. Screw you and this game! I'm out. Throwing the controller on the couch. LOL. He made me proud!!!! But that was soo funny. He was really ****ed off.
"You gotta have faith"
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Christy T Christy T est déconnecté
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American fan here as well - 30+years. I had a house full of people on Christmas when I ran upstairs to do something (can't even remember what) and I checked my phone for some reason. I fell to the floor. I was not ready for it. I still cry at odd time - triggered by unexpected things. I agree with everything you are saying. The vitriol being spewed at Fadi on Twitter and Instagram is insane. It hurts my already broken heart. Peace.
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Old 9th February 2017, 22:18
Cantyousee Cantyousee est déconnecté
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I am also grieving and don't really have anyone to talk to. I keep thinking it will get easier, but it doesn't. Today I was adding Wham songs to a playlist and suddenly felt like I was punched in the gut. Why? It is not new news.
No one understands and I can't even come up with an example to help explain what it was like. All I can think of is, loving Justin Timberlake in NSync and then loving him as a solo artist. But it's not the same. JT is not as devastating, in looks or personal life. George was so swoon worthy, in every way.
I've loved George most of my life, since I was 8. I was too young to go to Wham concerts. I finally got to see him in 2008.
I kept thinking I'd get to meet him one day, and now that that dream is gone I'm just beside myself. Did anyone here meet him? I'd love to hear about it.
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Old 10th February 2017, 18:11
Crazyman.Dance. Crazyman.Dance. est déconnecté
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I feel the same way as everyone on this site. Last year took two of my heroes: Prince and George Michael.
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Old 12th February 2017, 16:03
GMfan87' GMfan87' est déconnecté
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Share all these sentiments , it's still hard to come to terms with . Just signed up yesterday after reading here since the very bad news . My story is his was one of first radio voices when I started to listen independently to radio , he was about to break out as a solo artist . Of course once I saw Faith video developed massive crush and grew to appreciate his singing more . He faded from the scene here in the states in the 90's but whenever he popped up I was glad to see him . It saddened me to hear of his troubles throughout the years . I'm sorry I didn't see him live or write him a letter . It would be really nice to chat with you guys here about George . Might be a nice idea to get together if there are some of us relatively near by . I'm in Ct.
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