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Old 24th April 2017, 05:32
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Originally Posted by georgeandwhamfan View Post
That's a lot of money to lose, especially with the outcome that George got with that case. I thought it was more around 7 million, but even that amount was a lot of money to lose back then. As for Trent, I always wondered what happened to him. He had some really good songs and is so talented. I didn't know he was signed to and had problems with Sony promoting him. George definitely lost big against Sony and I'm sure it sent a huge message to the whole music industry. If George would have won that case it would have set a precedence and been a huge victory for all music artists, which I think ladyjayne touched on in her post as to why people in the music industry were watching that case so closely.
I think GMs legal costs were 7 million pounds. Add to it the losses from career earnings. Here is an article that details the harrowing timeline of the case. Only George Michael will put himself through this kind of torture:
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I see, and thanks for the link to this article. I've never read this one before.
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