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Old 30th June 2017, 05:30
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Angry George Michael on "Under The Influence" new REELZ original series
Yuck. This is not the kind of crap I want to keep seeing. Disappointed with REELZ, can usually find some decent programs there.
"I had a picture in my soul
Some place warm where we could hang out when we’re old
Now it’s just where I hope you are..."
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Yogifan (9th July 2017)
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Old 30th June 2017, 05:36
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Well... look at the bright side, at least he sharing it with prince.

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Nanabug (30th June 2017)
Old 30th June 2017, 14:34
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Oh, it is so sad to see his name connected with this topic, something I never wanted to see. They being said what I've seen of these shows they are pretty well done .. I'm not sure i'll be able to watch this though .
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Old 3rd July 2017, 21:09
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Hopefully this is one of those documentaries which explain things in an educational manner and not all scandalous hoopla from the tabloids. Years ago I watched a documentary about the death of Whitney Houston that explained her death in a respectful manner albeit a bit "scared straight" in the details ( like showing a computer animated body where the organs were deteriorating due to drug use).
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