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Old 27th December 2016, 13:17
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Default without reading the postings before


What can I - we - say..
In Germany we have a proverb:
Die Guten sterben jung.
The good ones die young.

Guess the english proverb is: Whom the gods love die young.
I never believed in any god(s) and I never will.
But I believe after death we all live on in the good or bad memories of the people we once knew!

Don't believe the bullying press - F*** them off!
Rather believe in god(s).

George slept away... slipped away... I first couldn't believe it...
The only song of him I could yet listen to was "Move on" ... Yes I have to for my kids and all who worry about me - I'm sick again... catched a cold... my ear hurts again... all around me my beloved ones coughing and sneezing too...
Life sucks!
Then I read Fadis tweet, that he found him... I cried finally I could.

Please everybody be strong! Give Fadi some good words and
move on.
Old 27th December 2016, 15:20
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Love to you all
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G.M.Freak (10th January 2017)
Old 27th December 2016, 15:34
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Headlines about George yesterday all day everywhere online, papers, TV-news and long interviews with experts - Many kind and respectful word about George focusing on music
- But also the worst possible news about George

I had this little hope that I one day would be able to see George live again, that hope has disappeared now forever and I try to be grateful for the live shows I did see,

Thank you for all posts in this thread it helps a little to be here among others that are just as devastated as me, - hope we can continue to support each other.

This morning VH1 played George videos non-stop – had to turn it off when they played Jesus to a Child - much too sad to listen and watch.

.. Heaven sent and Heaven stole ….. R.IP. George Michael
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G.M.Freak (10th January 2017)
Old 27th December 2016, 16:13
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So what ?!!?
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I feel so sad, devasted and speechless...
Part of my youth and much more has gone with you George.
Thank you for your kindness, your genius, for all what you gave to the world through your work and actions, known or not !
As you said, I wish too you were born with that super armour... but you weren't.
RIP George, you'll be SO missed !
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G.M.Freak (10th January 2017)
Old 27th December 2016, 16:14
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RIP George!
Dublin - The Point 08 december 2006
Helsinki - Hartwall Areena 01 july 2007
London - Royal Albert Hall 25 october 2011

"Why don´t we make a little room in my BMW babe?"
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G.M.Freak (10th January 2017)
Old 27th December 2016, 16:22
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Im shocked ,so sad RIP George!
Old 27th December 2016, 16:29
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heartbroken , ... devastated .....
Old 27th December 2016, 16:48
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I am actually totally shocked when I saw the news from the Financial Times today
Your songs have been around my life, It's not about music but also life, I can't belive that you've gong away, whatever your music will always by my side ...
hope you rest in peace, We will always miss you ~

With your last breath you saved my soul ... ...
Old 27th December 2016, 16:50
sarahl1a2 sarahl1a2 est déconnecté
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It is incredibly sad if not totally unexpected.

George was a flawed genius which is what made him so endearing but you get the impression he was also a tormented soul. I take solace in that the torment is now over for him.

He leaves behind such a fantastic legacy in his amazing music which will be played forever and just as importantly in all the good he did with his unbelievable generosity.

Listening to his music at the moment is tough but that fantastic gift he gave us all will bring comfort and joy in the days and years to come just as it always has done.

RIP George. You have, and always will, be loved.
Old 27th December 2016, 17:06
thebridge thebridge est déconnecté
Star People
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No words to speak...

Soundtrack of our lifes

Soundtrack of our souls

Your music will live on forever...

Thank you, Yog - for touching us so deeply every time again.

We will forever be grateful.

Heaven sent and Heaven stole

You are now with your mom and with Anselmo - at a better place

May you Rest in Peace

You have been loved.
Old 27th December 2016, 17:23
WhamMan WhamMan est déconnecté
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Originally Posted by Onef*ckfantasy View Post
So sorry for the loss of your best friend. it must be very hard; then too to learn about George. I have often felt we were on the same page in our thoughts regarding George - now we're all in it together, trying to make sense of his loss. Take care, I hope things look brighter for you soon.
Thank you my friend. Yes I think we both came from the same angle with George. I lost my friend to cancer but thankfully for him the final days and only ones where he was suffering were over very quickly.

I think you were just like me, frustrated, secretly hoping that if George read even loyal fans were giving him a bit of stick that it might shock him into getting back to normal. Also no doubt some degree of preparing yourself for awful news and even being on a prolonged grieving progress thinking we might not see him again.

Anyway. I loved the guy all the time, that never changed.

And I'm really going to miss him.
Old 27th December 2016, 17:31
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Thank you George for making me feel special all those years . I will treasure those memories forver. Rest in peace xxx

Old 27th December 2016, 17:41
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I never imagined it would hurt so much,my heart is aching,my head is dull and my tears continue to fall.

"You're apart of me.......and you dont even know it.."
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marco_69 (31st December 2016)
Old 27th December 2016, 18:22
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Default Shock

Shocked and saddened- what a loss?
Old 27th December 2016, 19:06
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Unhappy George...

It's very hard to take, and beyond sad to lose my guiding lighthouse since I was 10, through good and bad.
So many things in him and his music I could relate to.
It made me cry yesterday and tears are coming everytime I think of what happened...A part of me simply refuses to believe it.
I'm sure George knew and I hope still knows how loving and loyal towards him we all are.
Life will never be the same without his beautiful soul in this world...
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