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Old 20th May 2017, 04:01
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Default How George Michael changed what it means to be gay

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Old 21st May 2017, 15:29
Guinness Guinness est déconnecté
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Beautifull message Sonya7.
Here in the Netherlands, it's a better country for people being gay. In the Netherlands, it's so common.
For your info. I've got 2 gay family members, 8 gay colleagues, and a cycle of friends with many gay people.
For me, I grew up with the knowledge that gay is as common as "straight".
George was such a good man with guts to express his beliefs and feelings and that being gay is not strange. He must have inspired many people and gave them the feeling that they are no different than "straight" people. Actually I think most gay men/woman I know are very creative and are amazing in the way they express this creativity. They have a plus over "straight" people I think. They are closer to their hearts I guess. Gay is an advantage. Let's hope the world is shaken up soon knowing that it's no use to make a fuss around gay people.
There is a lot more to make a fuss about these days.

xxxxx Guinness
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Old 23rd May 2017, 07:34
SirLala SirLala est actuellement connecté
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I honestly do think it's getting a lot better for any gay artist of today, for example Sam Smith, He won Four Grammy's, Oscar and a Golden Globe. I'm so happy George influenced others that no matter what sexual orientation you came from, you still get ahead in life.
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Old 23rd May 2017, 18:38
VigilanteMovie VigilanteMovie est déconnecté
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Jackie Collins was a George Michael fan. Who knew?
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Old 26th May 2017, 00:39
DonnaJ DonnaJ est déconnecté
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Excellent article about George Michael. Not sure if the youtube link will attach with post but can be found on You Tube, George Michael - Jesus To A Child (live at MTV Music Awards, 1994, Berlin). I had never seen this video - it is stunningly beautiful!
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Old 26th May 2017, 00:56
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Thanks DonnaJ for the link to the thoughtful, intelligent article. George's performance was breathtaking. I think he missed Anselmo profoundly until the day he died....
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