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Old 31st March 2010, 16:15
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Thumbs up Infamy ft. GM - You Spin Me Round - 12trk CD


Originally recorded by the 80's pop-dance group Dead or Alive in 1985,
You Spin Me Round (Like a Record) provided super-producers Stock, Aitken, and
Waterman with their first number one hit. Over the years it has spawned
countless cover versions and remixes, none of them as mysterious as the Infamy

The Infamy project formed in 1994 when George Michael and cousin Andros
Georgiou decided to re-record several of their favorite dance tracks and release
them with hopes of jump-starting Andros' new record label. First up was one of
George’s favorites, ‘You Spin Me Round’.

Due to contractual issues and the recent loss of his court case against Sony,
George was not credited on the CD. Instead they decided to call the group
Infamy and gave Lawrie 'Pepsi' Demacque top billing on the single.

You Spin Me Round was recorded during a marathon 36-hour session at George
Michael's countryside studio in England. The track featured both George and
Lawrie 'Pepsi' Demacque on vocals, Chris Porter aka Forthright (George's long-
time engineer) on production, and Andros Georgiou as the executive producer.

The UK 4-track CD single was released in 1995 (aprox. 10,000 units). The disc
included the original mix as well as two Forthright remixes. Also featured was the
dance track 'Rebirth' (written and produced by Andros Georgiou and Andrew
Ridgeley's producer Gary Bromham).

Unfortunately, since George's name never appeared on the project, radio failed
to support it. After a short run, the project was shelved.

Even though it failed in retail, it has always been a George Michael fan favorite.
Over the years, there have been countless requests to re-issue the original
single. Copies of the original CD and promo vinyl have sold on the internet for
several hundreds of dollars!

Recently, Andros rediscovered the Infamy master tapes. After the success of
the Boogie Box High - Jive Talkin' Limited Collector’s Edition CD, Andros has
decided to re-release Infamy's 'You Spin Me Round' with the full collector’s

The new 12-track Limited Collector’s Edition CD features every version of the
track that Infamy recorded including the obscure promo-only remixes and dubs
as well as Rebirth. A very limited run of 1,000 units have been produced. Once
they have sold-out, there will be no further pressings.

Track list
- Original Mix (3:22)
- Forthright Radio Edit (3:44)
- Forthright Sunset Trix Mix (6:22)
- Hard at Hoedown City (7:06)
- Hugh Grant Dub (7:13)
- George Michael 12" (6:05)
- Sharp Hard Dub (7:15)
- Pancake Dub (6:52)
- Lost Goods Dub (6:19)
- Backing Track (3:22)
- Instrumental (3:22)
- Rebirth (3:47) *Bonus Track

Only $19.95 / £12.50 / €14.25

Visit to Order
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Old 14th May 2012, 20:37
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Everything goes to an end...

even as I saw today
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Old 14th May 2012, 21:16
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so no more blogging
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Old 18th May 2012, 10:59
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I know him through some family friends - he's moved on to another project that is officially involved with the Symphonica tour

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Old 18th May 2012, 15:56
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Originally Posted by webmaster View Post
Everything goes to an end...

even as I saw today
These last months, several sites about Gm has been closed ....
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Old 3rd August 2014, 04:41
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"" was closed toooooooooo ~

also like :

... ...

besides, for me, this new infamy cd single is bootleg which remastered by the man in USA. I think it's made in china depending on the ifpi code , not very sure

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